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Edinburgh’s 101 Objects Launches

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Edinburgh is a city full of history and treasured items. These items are all around us; some we may pass every day, some are small, some are large, some are architectural. Some you won’t have even known about and others you will.

Edinburgh’s 101 objects is a new visitor experience which brings these great treasures to the fore providing fresh perspective on the city’s rich narrative of history, culture, heritage and everyday life. Each of the 101 objects has been carefully chosen for both their personal intrigue and wider role in the compelling story of the city with over 80% being free to visit.

Developed by ETAG, Marketing Edinburgh and Edinburgh World Heritage, the campaign has been made possible by more than 50 Edinburgh partners, Assembly Rooms included, coming together to promote Edinburgh and its heritage through the campaign. The project is also one of the flagship events for the Scottish Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, with the objects capturing and accentuating the very heart of the theme.

The 101 objects span seven themes which sum up Edinburgh’s journey through time: Building a City; Faith & Nation; City of Innovation; Arts & Performance; Everyday Life; On the Dark Side and Books, Words & Ideas.

101 objects new town map

Here at Assembly Rooms Edinburgh you can find object number 9 - Two maps of Edinburgh and the New Town: one by map maker John Ainslie, 1780, the second by booksellers Thomas Brown and James Watson, 1793. We love these maps and we’re sure you will too!

Find out more about the maps here, but we do recommend coming to see them.

101 objects map 720

101 objects is a lot to check off the list, however the project lasts until April 2018 so we all have plenty time to go and see them all. You can visit the website here to see all 101 objects (one of them is a people’s choice yet to be revealed!) and even see them all on a map.

Have fun viewing the objects, discovering Edinburgh’s fantastic history and heritage, see you soon!