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Martin Ross, Technician at the Cultural Venues of Edinburgh

Events are never a success by pure chance – often this is dependent on all the small details, and every member of the team, coming together to create a well-executed and enjoyable experience. At Assembly Rooms, some of our clients don’t have much direct experience of delivering live events - and all the associated actions and potential requirements that come with them. But our skilled team of seasoned event professionals, known for their planning abilities and attention to detail, are on hand to ensure we deliver the complete package.

We provide much more than ‘the stage’ for great events. With a range of room layout options, full lighting rigs, high spec AV and a carefully selected panel comprising four outstanding caterers using the country’s finest produce, we couple our industry knowledge with our events experience to give clients the opportunity to create that wow factor – whatever their vision. All the while ensuring their standards are met and ours reinforced in each and every experience.

We offer bespoke set-ups, warm hospitality and smart logistics at any scale, from private meetings to public events - but we never compromise on detail. Meticulous care and attention is embedded into everything we do. We do it all, and we do it right.

To ensure we can maintain control of each element, it is essential to have an event management strategy. During busy periods, it makes a huge difference if we take the time to look ahead and see how we can streamline the week’s activities. Building events with external contractors can be challenging, especially when multiple suppliers are trying to load in at the same time but careful co-ordination and good communication ensures everything can go off without a hitch.

But even with return events, we must be mindful of changes to requirements from previous bookings.

In the fast paced and competitive events industry, it is important to stay on top of your game, adapting techniques and approaches to remain current with best practices and trends, and strive for constant improvement.

Your clients are also constantly forming opinions, from the planning stages all the way through to delivery - so why not take advantage of this? After an event, request feedback from clients and attendees on the suitability of the venue and quality of the service. It’s a practical way to gather intel from them, and it can help you to refine the areas that matter. After all, if clients are satisfied with the product, they will consider coming back to you in the future. 

And communication goes both ways. Give your customers a reason to book with you again. Continue to develop and improve your offerings - and remember to articulate these changes to new and existing customers. After all, these updates create a key opportunity to interact with your current client base. This can be anything from the introduction of new AV equipment to renovations that help keep the building looking its best.

Updates also mean flexibility for our clients, allowing them to bring different ideas, or even different events to the venue. Whether you’re hosting an awards dinner, curating the marketplace at an exhibition, holding a conference or having a party, you can do it all at Assembly Rooms, as the space, and the staff, are so versatile.

While seasoned event pros generally rely on established processes and systems to stay organised, they also know how to stretch their imagination to bring a vision to life. At the end of the day, being an amazing event professional isn’t just about a checklist of skills; genuine passion, resilience and on-the-job experience are all critical to success.

Collective thinking and idea sharing is what helps make events unique and for most event professionals, injecting originality into the event is part of the fun! Together, we can create a truly unforgettable event – for all the right reasons.