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Meet the Team: Martin Ross, Production Technician



Even period venues require modern production – from equipment, technology infrastructure and staff we have the best people and tech in place to ensure events look and sound their best.

Get to know a little more about our Production team as our production technician Martin Ross talks with us about the technical details and facilities that bring modern production value to our 231-year-old building. 


Tell us about the role of the in house production team

We assist the client with all aspects of the technical production of the event. From PowerPoint editing to lighting focus and sound setup. Some of our clients know the venue and know exactly what they want, so we are there to support them in making their event the best it can be. Some clients, particularly if it is their first time in the venue, will often look for more in-depth advice and planning from our team.


What is it you love about the job? 

Seeing the client and their guests/delegates having a stress-free event and leaving with a smile on their face!


Tell us a bit more about your team and the services you provide in your role?  

Our team consists of five technicians and one production manager. Some of us stay in one venue, but a couple of us move regularly between Usher Hall, Assembly Rooms and Church Hill Theatre. I specialise in lighting and look after the lighting rigs in Usher Hall and Assembly Rooms. I also setup, focus, program and operate lighting for various different events.


What is the benefit to an in-house production team?  

The in-house production team gives the venue a real opportunity to connect more closely with a client than an outside supplier ever could. We see so many different things come and go so we really know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the technical aspects of events in our venues. This gives us the knowledge to pass on to new clients and bring fresh ideas to regular clients. Also, we can maintain a higher level of technical provision, in-line with current technologies as we see fit.

lights music hall


The Assembly Rooms is over 230 years old, yet has all the mod cons you would expect from a newer venue. What are some of the key pieces of equipment/tech or facilities that the venue has to produce modern events?  

I think the most valuable technical asset we have is the internal production cabling. Although it might sound a little boring, this network of wires allows us to send, patch and receive audio, video and control signals anywhere in the building. You won’t see the cabling, which helps retain the beauty of the venue.


Speaking of which, how do you retain and respect the character of the building and spaces while incorporating the modern tech?  

Almost everything that we use in production is removable, so we can strip everything back from the venue spaces if needed. Essentially, we have a temporary installation that stays in place more often than not. It is great to have such flexibility while always retaining the character traits which make the building what it is.