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X-Factor visits Assembly Rooms

June has certainly been an entertaining month at the Assembly Rooms. Despite much secrecy and only some last minute promotion there was still a number of noisy fans crowded round the barriers to welcome the X-Factor Judges to Edinburgh.


One of Britain’s biggest TV shows rolled into town at the Assembly Rooms for the second round of Edinburgh auditions. All three judges, Louis, Nicole and Simon made typically flamboyant entrances. Nicole was flanked by two strapping Scotsmen in kilts, Simon received the adulation of an over exuberant fan and Louis charmed the waiting fans with his hopes for the upcoming rehearsals.

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40 Edinburgh’s hopefuls battled it out in front of the judges in our Music Hall for the chance to progress, all with dreams of a glittering career.

This was the second time X-Factor had chosen Assembly Rooms as it proved to be the perfect space to accommodate their large production operation. The acoustics in our refurbished Music hall also proved pitch perfect for the contestant ensuring they no excuses when they performed in front of the judges.

Good luck to all those how progressed and we’ll hopefully see the X-factor again next year.